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How to max guild prestige?

Here's a simple guide showing how to get maximum prestige for our guild.

Dubstep Dragons videos

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Gearing Guide

Not sure or no idea at all how to gear? Watch this guide and be on your way to be one of the strongest!


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Dragagon / May 03, 2018

To inform visitors that are unaware, Dubstep Dragons have been put to rest once again and who knows what will bring in the future.Was a good run, DD!

Prestige Race
Guild Rules


  • Outlawed: Being inactive for a very long time but knowing that you will get active again.
  • Punished: When being disliked very much by guildies. (mostly Gkick/leave follows shortly)
  • Alternate: Any Reincarnation of a Main (the character which you play on MOSTLY) is set as Alternate.
  • Trial: Any player that joined in the current month to see how they'll do and distinguish them from prestige/month races.
  • Member: Once the new month started, you are a complete member of the Dubstep Dragons army and participate in the guild races, anyone below the requirements at the end of the month gets demoted back to trail, no prestige recovery for the follow-up month becomes a guild removal.
  • Veteran: Players that are around for a long time, know how things are going, active in chat, are well known inside the guild and have been recognized to be helpfull and respectull.
  • Junior Officer (JO): Players being admins of the guildsite, but have the same power as members ingame.
  • Senior Officer (SO): You earn this rank when you are standing close to the Guildleader in friendship, responsibility, advices given and helping guildies. Similiar to being a Wing of the Guild.
  • Their job is to help recruiting nonstop, organize raids and dominions if necesarry and take control if needed if no one above of ranks is online.
  • Treasurer: This is a useless rank and the functions of this rank are only available to the Guildlead.
  • Guild Leader: Your helping Dragon in need, me :)


  • When doing Guild Quests daily and maintain a 100 loyalty you earn a [Tabard]
  • When doing Guild Quests daily , participate in dominions and maintain a 100 loyalty and monthly above the required prestiges, you earn a [Champion's Tabard]

Members with a Tabard HAVE TO PATRICIPATE in Dominions. Aswell in raid as in Party mode.

Why? RAID mode: The rewards the guildies get from Raid Dominions are only for those with a [tabard] / [Champion's Tabard] which is [Realgar] bonus, they add up on the [Realgar] you get from Party mode. Party mode: The rewards the guildies get from Party Dominions are [Sign of Victory] and [Amalgam Solution]. Also the basic rank in the rankings of Dominions are determined by the 4 Dominion fights that take place at Wednesday (Party Mode). This decides for the biggest part how much [Realgar] you're ( with [Tabard] / [Champion's Tabard] ) are about to get.

So it's pure logic that this rule is here because it would just be NOT fair if people without tabard fight for [Realgar] and the honor of the guild while the ones with a [Tabard] / [Champion's Tabard] (which will get what others fought for) aren't even online to protect the honor of the guild & can't witness the great victorious moments of the guild.

3-Guild taxes.##

  • 100k Golds every month taken on the 1st of the months.
  • (These only apply to rank: member and above - players)What happens with the Guild Taxes?
  • Guild Taxes are used for paying Nobility Scrolls to boost the guild Nobility gain - anything related with Guild improvements are bought by Guild Taxes. (Suggestions are always welcome)
  • It is important to note that the guild taxes are NOT mandatory to pay. It is only so that it offers a way to the guildies to help out if they wish to do so.

4-Guild Chat.

The main language in the Guild chat is English. talking for a short time in your own Language with another guildie is allowed but don't make it a coffee-chat. Any abusive or offensive language in serious situations is not appreciated.

5-Guild Events.

Guild Events are no musts to participate in but it's Always more fun if people join in! the Guildlead and the SO's would really appreciate it if EVERY level 75 player participates for Dominion Raid & Party mode.

6-Guild Quests.

Are a must to progress Guild Level and Nobility.
This way we can improve all of the guildies by increasing the bonus stats they get aswell the bonus everyone gets from having a tabard.

7-Guild Removal.

being inactive for 10 days or longer will be kicked out of the Guild. (unless there has been discussed with higher ranks about your inactivity)


Be nice and friendly to your fellow guildies, help eachother when needed and take a loyal attitude.

give priorities to guildies instead of outstanders, if you have to choose between friends or guildies... get your friends in our guild ;)

Nevertheless also respect the people outside of our guild. It is important to share around the good effects our guild has on the AO community since the community is rather small and the active people will
quickly put a tag on the guilds, which includes you if you are in here.

listen Dubstep, relax, make fun & goodluck!
Guild Story
There was once a Dragon. The Mythical and Legendary creature was alive because it's purpose was to defend only one thing, Sarnaut. As the days grew older, so did the Dragon. And at a certain day, his death was written, like an event on a calendar. The Dragon didn't know when this would be, but as every living creature, we all know we have this event. As for the Dragon, his last day of breath, joy, guarding and emotions was about to come. After he had fought so many battles against any other creature trying to take over Sarnaut and rule with their selfishness, or by being attacked by robbers who were hired in to clean the mess for some rich kings who wanted to own Sarnaut, He has survived many attacks and battles and guarded Sarnaut very well. Now his last day rised as the sun was rising from a cold night. Weak and old felt the Dragon , that the time to die, was near. As he went to Dragon Ring, he decided to lie there on the highest top in Drakefang Isle and awaited there it's death. when the sun went down and light faded away, so did Sarnaut and became grey. As he was dying in the silent night just like something would go to sleep and never wake up again. The last breath was taken...and given.

But!! As soon as the Mythical and Legendary creature died, his wings wrapped around him, made thin by the light that was given by the beams shot from it's stomach, exploding from inside out and still lying there quiet and not moving, as It knew what was happening.

A new Dragon was born, from outisde the light explosion. There came a new creature, a Magical and Legendary creature, Dragagon. As he took steps on the ashes around him where he came from, he felt power growing inside him to get ready and take the same destiny as the Dragon had. A smaller creature but a stronger creature was born, Dragagon started to make plans and attacks for defending Sarnaut and keep the Honor of Dragons in high respect. As he was making an army of Dubstep Dragons, led by basswave sounds and huge monstrous and devastating Dubstep dropss, he was about to make a modern and powerfull Guild that was able to protect far more then just Sarnaut, it was able to protect Sarnaut and the unlimited Astral that was taking care of Sarnaut.

As he made his way from Drakefang Isle towards the heart of Sarnaut and made his guild bigger, he was getting ready for the toughest fights, battles and wars against any other living creature in whole Sarnaut that tried to abuse the power of Sarnaut itself. As Dragagon spoke the Magical words over every allod in Sarnaut, placing a protecting aura and fortunate future for the inhabitants, he spoke "DUBSTEP DRAGON POWER", and everyone knew, that the Dubstep Dragons were born!!